Wednesday, April 30, 2008

25 Restau In A Day Part1: Bonifacio High Street

Talk about blogging to the next level. Talk about pig-out to the next level. By some stroke of dumb luck, I was able to reserve free invites an exclusive blogger’s fine dining tour via a blog I avid. Whenever I hear the words FINE DINING, there’s only one person that comes to my mind: Lisa Gurl! Haha!! While she seems to be a perfect partner that’s easy to pull and a blogger as well, believe me she has a thing for this. And this, ladies and gents is how singles consume their vacation leaves. Sweet lives we all have. :P sponsored the event. Round of applause please, woohoo!!! The affair last Monday was already the 2nd leg of the tour as the first was held Last Friday in Trinoma Mall. ‘Twas my first time to attend such kind of event. Thus, when I was registering in Krispy Kreme and saw video cams trained at registrants, I murmured to Lisa “Gurl, ano ‘tong pinasukan natin?” Hahaha. In English, what is this we entered upon? Upon daw o, haha!! However, the people of Spot were friendly enough to help our stiffened backs relax (hehe) and our nervous faces turned into smiles at the sound of complimentary donuts from Krispy Kreme. Ű Aaaah, the mouth-watering aroma that I’ve been consistently struggling to resist everytime I walk out of Fitness First was now filling my entire being. The depriving all this time was just waiting for a proper timing: a free consumption. Haha!!

Pardon the shoddy shot, no one really needs nice pics for Krispy Kreme’s donuts. Isn’t it? ;)

It was nice to see co-bloggers gather in the event. Some are proud to even wear shirts with these words emblazoned: PINOY BLOGGER, some came eveready with their laptops but the ultimate proof of being a blogger?? -> CAMERAS!! Blogging supports VANITY!! Yeba!! Haha!! Someday, my DSLR will come!! :P Two donuts and a blueberry smoothie later, we were briefed with the mechanics by the same folks from SPOT, had the whole group divided into four (green team, green team!!!) and in no time were all set to finish the spot pass for Bonifacio High Street.

krispy kreme, check!! one down!!

A quick ice-breaker was facilitated by our marshal Carl. Being next to him, I was quick enough to identify how introductions are made in this affair – your name and domain (blogspot, wordpress, livejournal and so on ü). While some of our teammates made me hypothesize that they probably really blog on food :P, I was popeyed with the youngest in our group. He’s a boy not a day older than fifteen - probably blogging about techie stuffs as it seems from his gadgets – but maintains his own domain. Bravo!!!

Our 1st destination: Texas Roadhouse Grill. This cowboy grill will always be memorable for barkada dinners (office and college friends). Their featured meals for the day (not necessarily piece de resistance) were: Seafood Pasta Marinara, Beef tips and Shrimp and Salmon Skewer. OHMIGOSH!! I love SEAFOODS!!! They make me forget I’m on a DIET!!! And that time, I totally lost that I’m on a pig-out! So by the time we reached Kabisera ng Dencio’s, I can’t bring myself to finish their appetizer plate!! Yes, we’re just talking about 2ND destination here!! Too bad coz it’s a purely Filipino dish: pusit, okoy, bangus, laing, pinakbet, bistek!! Drools!!! Really, with all the inflation going on now, I’ve wised up when it comes to food consumption. But what can I do?? There’s no more space in my tummy to fill these in! :( I love their LAING!! I seldom eat that viand but I atleast I was able to finish that same topping in my milkfish.

Picture break:
Lisa and I @ Texas Roadhouse and their meal of the day:

For my foreign readers (naks!), who’d like to know what Pinoy tastes is all about, you can visit Kabisera ng Dencio’s in Boni Hi. I particularly love the tequila shots arranged in a chess board and the STACKO game, hehe. A kid at heart, yes I am. Ű

feast your eyes on these Pinoy dishes

tequila, want some?

look at the hands, flashing my manicure..hahaha!!!

STARBUCKS: Who needs a review for Starbucks?? Like Krispy Kreme, I’ve been avoiding extra calories from here ever since I started the gym. Hehe. If the craving is really strong, I go for healthy options: my taro + sago from Quickly. Oops, now ‘tis ain’t a proper way to treat a coffee shop that gave me a bite of their featured sausages right? :P Here’s their sampler for the day:

Right after, I dragged my already Buddha belly to TGIF. Can’t remember the last time I dined here. I only tasted their salads and dropped the other finger food. Phew!! Well at least these are leaves!!

Very quickly, we stopped by Italianni’s: memorable for ex-dates. Aaargh!! NO ONE touched the carbonara and chicken, everybody just took pictures. Everybody’s stuffed!! I miss the cheesecake here!! I appreciate the painting. :P

Last for Boni Hi (I though it was for the day!!), NEW ORLEANS!! Never been here. And I’ll absolutely give 5 stars here for ambiance: the bar, the painting, the music!! I really willed myself to have a taste of their servings. I want to know I will not regret my planned next visit here with friends. And yes, they didn’t fail me! New Orleans folks, wait for my return. :)

Some shots at the very posh Boni High:

Done for Boni. How many more left?? You do the math!! :P

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