Thursday, March 06, 2008

Won't Go Home Without ADAM!!!

Marry me Adam. Please, I beg you.

I love the way you raise your right eyebrow, the way a part of your right biceps tick when you’re playing the guitar, the way you set yourself infront of the mic stand, the way you sway your hips, the way you put an affectation of pain, your Los Angeles tattoo below your right shoulder, your distinctive voice, EVERYTHING!!! I LOVE YOU ADAM LEVINE, BE MINE!!!

Marry me Adam. Please, I beg you. If I wasn’t joining the usual background cacophony, I was reciting those words to myself like a mantra.

For the benefit of my blogspot readers, yes! We’re in the patron seats and I so love my company for that. Thank you Samsung! :) Lisa and I was just a bar away from him. That gurl sure owes me a lot, haha!!

And here are some pics from the concert last night:

3rd row :P

he's just a bar away, i was tempted to cross over, gosh!!

the stage

outfit, hehe

For more Adam Levine pics, please wait 'til Monday. Now, I'm off to SG. Wish me a safe trip guys! Toodles!

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