Friday, December 28, 2007

SG Travelogue Day 6: So Long SG

Nothing’s changed for my Sunday schedules even if I’m away from home. Sunday is still a spiritual day. Us hollies (Joy and me) woke up early for a Christian meeting to somewhere in Harbour Front. I feel ashamed that I stayed up late I was a bit sleepy during the 2-hours meeting. After which I bid goodbye to my spiritual brothers and sisters. It would have been nice to stay longer but my flight is later at 5 PM and I have to prepare my things.

Joy and I went for some quick shopping infront of the place of meeting for presents to her relatives. There were clothes on sale and as usual, I bought a nice dress for me. Hehe. Then quickly we headed to Suntec City to grab some lunch. But in the end we found ourselves joining the mob on the Charles n Keith store and I got another black shoe for myself. Sheeesh!! Suntec mall is a very nice mall located just one MRT station away from Joy’s house. Hmmm, I can live in here. Haha!!

me in Suntec

The after lunch was spent just lazing around watching ASAP on TFC. It was the first time Angel Locsin was introduced to TFC. I started packing my things and I had problems packing my splurges + Joy’s presents in my suitcase. thanks to Joy’s bigger suitcase. But there’s one specific toy she wants me to hand carry, it’s a make-up set in a big box for her so-called “anak”, the adorable Butchik (featured sometime here ;). Around 2 PM, I already started dressing up. Joy won’t be able to send me off to the airport due to her tight budget which is fine with me.

3 PM, we hailed for a cab outside her flat in Spottiswoode and I gave her a warm hug before I went inside. I didn’t expect that I will get emotional inside my eyes started to well up with tears. And the heaven accompanied me with rain. There I understood the reason why going to SG didn’t make me feel like I’m going far away. It’s her presence as well that gave me the “at home” feeling. The trip was just like traveling from our place to her house in Laguna. And it’s Ok to cry. The next time I see her might take long. :(

In the airport, I made I have prepared my receipt and reimburse the GST thing for some extra money. I think I made around 18 Sing dollars. Being an early bird, I roamed around to search for some chocolates. But then again, I saw a Charles n Keith store (gosh, CnK is everywhere haha!) and I found these pretty flats that really costs cheap.

Finally got the window side position and flew home feeling blissfully fulfilled. :)

This won’t be the last time Singapore. Til next time. :)

Addendum: (1) My splurges:

(2) the one who missed me the most :)

Funny I have childhood pics with that same look ;)

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