Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SG Day 4a Travelogue: Rumor Has It

Thank God it’s Friday ‘coz I’m wearing my fave frou-frou dress. Ü It’s amazing how I woke up early despite the late slumber it must be the excitement of wearing it, haha!! Yesterday we learned that all trainees are staying at the 14th floor so what better way to end the last day than a group breakfast @ 8 AM. Not wanting to be the first, I called up Lawrence’s room to check if he’s out already. We agreed to meet in 10 minutes and just meet everybody downstairs.

Being the habitual latecomers the others are, I quite expected that I’m going to embark on a breakfast date. And yes I did except that it’s just less nice ‘coz Lawrence’s a tad late. It’s ok at least we’ve got the morning for ourselves to talk about a little something something. Ű I know shouldn’t give meaning on him getting a drink for me but it’s a li’l sweet, don’t you think? Hehe. Everything’s basically my idea of a breakfast date except that we are dining on a large table to accommodate the rest. Ngek! Haha!!

After some time the others arrived and we were just having a happy group breakfast. In fairness, they’re not giving me these suspicious looks anymore. Maybe they have already accepted that we make a lovely couple, haha!! Kiddin’. But I was wrong. I knew it the very moment Tri from Vietnam asked me,

“So KC, I believe you are already married, right?”

“WHAT??????” I stare at him, agog.

I didn’t mean to cause a kerfuffle explaining out loud that I am not. This is JUST a really BIG deal for me ‘coz I’ve had history with guys refusing to believe I’m single and thinking I’m bluffing just to make myself available to them. Or maybe I’m just taking it all negatively instead of being flattered. After all, what with my talents and can I just say “looks” hehe, it’s hard to believe I’m still unattached. Whatever! Guys, are just simply conceited. But I digress.

Anyway, I don’t really have sweat it off explaining to them ‘coz my friends Supachai and Lawrence know the truth and that’s all that matters. But just like movies flashing scenes in gray, my brain recalled how everybody was treating me even the big boss. PIGIL..is the word I’m searching for, the condemning looks. Everything! Well, except for Dien in Vietnam. It’s official guys, he adores me. =P One time he said he doesn’t have to look around ‘coz there’s already a beautiful girl right infront of him and when he saw me at the lobby last night, all he said was “Wow!” Yeah, I can be conceited too. Haha!!

Atleast I already cleared the issue to them and I still have to vindicate myself to our Singaporean counterparts specially Alex who first spread the rumor. Too bad Alex! He’s my 2nd crush pa naman next to Lawrence, haha!! Ssshhh!!

The three of us boarded the same taxi going to the office but Lawrence seems to have left something. His I600, our blackberry is missing and he suspects it fell on the couch while we’re waiting for Supachai. The two of them are already leaving that afternoon and they both had to check out in the morning. *Sigh* It’s just amazing that the phone was returned when we came back. Singaporean’s honesty is admirable. Ü

On the training. I know I’ve been very firm for the last two days but today is just simply laidback. Maybe I was sated during breakfast but last night’s short sleep can also be a factor. My response to the training however interesting the topic maybe is just a yawn. Yawn yawn yawn. Not even two cups of coffee can give me a boost. In gist, I didn’t learn so much this morning thanks to the hand-outs for the review. Haha! =P So can we just fast-forward to lunch?? =D

Oops, this is already long for now so let me just guys leave you with what I wore for today. Specially taken in the toilet. Yikes, haha!!

Part 4b is coming right up. =P

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