Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Back!

Hmm…it’s nice to be dislodged from the cyber world for some time. Allows you to live and breathe the real world that’s infront of you. At this point, I do admit that I’ve been a victim of blog addiction. That’s why I have my out-of-the country training to thank for! :)

Oh yeah, my SG experience. I’m sure many of you are anticipating my posts (well, at least my friends are ;). But every time I think about it the first question that pops is, “How exactly do I begin?” Must I subdivide it by day, by personal or business? I really don’t know how. I really do want to make a special account of it but like what Tisha (a blog friend) experienced, no words can exactly match that wonderful experience I had.

And as you all know, writing is about letting those creative juices mold into a coherent pattern. So in the mean time, allow me to just bask on the afterglow of it, just me and my private memory. :P And as for you dear readers, please help yourself on the pictures available in my multiply account (not to mention my back-up posts that will be shortly available :P). Don’t worry I’ll keep you all posted. :)

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