Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Type of Guy

Ok! I’ve been single for almost 3 yrs now (am I really supposed to count that? ;)
As always, 1st reaction upon hearing is “ Tlg? Bka nman kasi pihikan ka.”

Well that statement is fine with me. But what I hate the most is when guys question it as if I’m hiding someone just to make myself available to them. Grr!! Spare me! Yet somehow I can’t blame them if they find this drop-dead gorgeous chic so oblivious to other guys. It's simply unexplainable. Wahaha, just kidding! =)

Lately, some guys keep appearing in my dreams. I hope it’s a premonition that I will soon find him. Wehehe.
Bu to give you an idea of what I look for in a guy, here's a list of talented guys that are currently making my heart wild with frantic everytime I see them (on screen and in person). :)

1. Vhong Navarro – Yup, heard it right! Every girl loves a guy who can make them laugh right? But my major turn on in him is his killer dance moves. I loved his recent performance in ASAP ’07 when he performed the dance evolution. I haven’t met him in person but according to my friend he’s so mabango. Gosh! Btw, I also like the way he dresses up
Foreign counterpart:
Vaness Wu and Rain; Justin T and AJ of BSB.

2. Ronnie Liang of PDA Maybe he’s not that familiar for some of you. But he has a golden voice for singing mellow songs. I like his height but in general, it’s his body build. Yummy! Haha! You should have seen him perform the “Macho Gwapito” wearing a black sando in one of PDA’s Gala Night. He’s not that good when it comes to dancing but I kinda liked his sort of “trying hard” effort to dance. ;) He also has a good personality I can tell.

Also: Sam Milby and Alfred Vargas

3. Yael Yuzon of Spongecola – I now love rockers! Yeah! They make me feel dumb because it's hard to tell what’s going on in their minds. Hehe.. He’s not that tall but he’s really cute. Imagine a guy playing the guitar serenading you with Crazy For You! It will drive me crazy. =P

Also: Chin of MYMP =>

4. WBCT – Oops, have to keep it secret! Step back to reality. He was my friend’s love match to me here in the office ‘coz we thought he just graduated from the university. Yeah, he doesn’t look like an IT manager and already in his early 30’s. But at such a young age, he has already accomplished so much. What a genius! (I have this feeling that he was a geek way back in college.=P) Whatever, he’s definitely the marrying type of guy. =P =P =P He’s also the best when it comes to dressing up. I think I fell for his broad shoulders and muscled arms when I was seated beside him in the shuttle bus. =P A Chinese, one of the race I would want to share my genes with. Haha! =D He’s also hot in the basketball court. He’s my everything. Haaayy…Too bad, he just got married last quarter. =(

God! With all those qualities mentioned? I think I'm doomed to singlehood. Don't cha? =))

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Shiela Amor said...

si ronnie liang bading
si yael hindi cute, hindi rin gwapo ma-appeal lang