Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Know What You Did Last...

Yup.. Just like any other ordinary weekend, i spent the holiday season catching up on the latest flicks (well at least those available in rentals) and I must say, "Oh Boy, I had a good one!" :D Here's the list of my movie marathon last week and what I briefly have to say about 'em.

1. She's the Man - I didn't know Amanda Bynes can be so funny! =))
2. American Dreamz - the dreams with a Z. Mandy's fat in here.. =P

3. New York Minute - the twins are awesome! :)
4. Josie and the Pussycats - Rachel's fantastic!

5. Ocean's Twelve - star-studded! ;>
6. Bring it On All or Nothing - I still have a hang-over on this Shabooya thingy..lols..Well, I just found it out that it's an urban word really used as routine in introducing the squad..hmmm, not bad a movie for a new fyi..ayt? :>
7. Cruel Intentions - So mean!! :}
8. Elizabethown - kinda boring at first but I appreciate the roadtrip in the end! :-)
9. You Me and Dupree - funny! :)) i was delighted to hear 'bout that "-ness thing" Dupree kinda invented in
here. Well, it's just that personally i attach it to some common words to make fun of it just like those found in gay lingos. ;)

There you have it. I hope I'll have the time and the company next time to go for the big screen. It's been months now that I haven't been to the moviehouse. =<

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