Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Black Sheep

"Humahagikhik, humahalakhak, 'd mapigilan ang saya."
I can't help but sing the jingle..Hahaha..
My brother's first ever TV commercial is out.
I know the appearance is very quick but I truly believe that someday he'll make it in the limelight.. ;)

Hmm..who would have thougt that the black sheep we once knew would make the family so proud? I still remember how Kuya and I once used to tease him for his poor english compositions in grade school. My golly, you must see Mama & Papa as well how he brags on our neighbors and calls on our relatives about his exposures. ( Maybe Mama is more proud because he's continuing a career that she turned down long ago.) Now, he's earning on his own even not yet graduating. That endorsement was worth more than my 2 months salary. Hehe

Well the fact that I'm writing something about him here makes him a bit special (we're not that close nman kasi). Yes he is. It's true that we oftentimes quarrel on a lot of things and for that I hate him but wla lng, I just can't deny that feeling of being a proud sister of his. Hope he'll have lots of projects to come. Hmm, PBB will be a good one. Haha!! :D

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